The 5 Best Ways to Move Abroad in Your 20s

Your twenties are the perfect years to travel abroad and even move abroad long-term. During this time, you will have the most options to go abroad in the most affordable ways. Keep reading if you’re interested in the five easiest ways to go abroad in your twenties.

Studying abroad

Most people will study in their twenties and this is a perfect way to go abroad for a few months. As a student, you will be able to live abroad as a true local. Being young and still in university also helps a lot with meeting people during your time abroad.

With most study abroad programs, you usually won’t have to pay tuition to study at the university abroad. On top of that, you will usually be eligible for a grant, to fund your life abroad. This makes studying abroad one of the most affordable ways to go abroad.

Some universities abroad are truly beautiful!

Working remotely

If you’re already working or currently looking for a (new) job, try to get a remote job. Many of us are working in offices, but with most people working internet-based, being physically present is not always necessary.

Many people who are employed and working remotely have achieved so by simply requesting authorization to work remotely at their current job or by finding a new remote job. Are you looking for an employer that will allow you to work abroad or sponsor a visa to go abroad? Here is a list of websites where you will find a job abroad!


Most people who take a study or work break want to do something meaningful during that time. That’s why volunteering abroad has become incredibly popular. While I think it’s important to always look into local projects first, volunteering abroad could be a very interesting experience.

Most people volunteer abroad through a program, but if you already have some connections abroad, they might know some good places to volunteer.

One of the most popular ways to volunteer abroad is WWOOFing.

Starting a business

Starting a business or freelancing will help you go abroad not only in your twenties, but any time after that. Many countries have visas available specifically for people that are self-employed, so you will have many places to choose from. Want to move to Europe? You’ll find the six easiest countries in Europe to move to as a self-employed freelancer or business owner here.

The best part of being abroad while running your own business is choosing your own working hours. This way you won’t have to take up vacation days, but just go and explore your new country whenever you like.

Go on a Working Holiday Visa

This visa is the absolute best way to go abroad, and it’s only possible in your twenties. On a Working Holiday Visa, you will be able to stay and work abroad for up to 12 months. By staying abroad this long, you will be able to truly experience life as a local and build a network in your new country.

Getting this visa is a lot easier and more straightforward than most other visas. You will be able to get this visa for multiple countries, depending on your nationality. Check here where you can go on a Working Holiday Visa.

When moving abroad on a Working Holiday Visa, you’re allowed to work but free to use your time to travel around.


If you are in your twenties, you will have plenty of ways to go abroad. Most of them are very easy and affordable, like studying abroad, volunteering or going on a Working Holiday Visa. You’ll need to invest a bit more time to find a remote job or start a location-independent business, but it will definitely worth it. Go now you still can!

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